St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church - Southend on sea, Essex


AMOSS is a spiritual organisation of Malankara Orthodox church which is aimed at moulding people who have God’s grace, dedication, who follow spiritual and sacramental life, and who have worldly experience,to reside as servants in the sacramental service of the Holy Church and towards creating awareness amongst the acolytes serving in the altar on faith, tradition and practices through Holy Qurbana, sacraments, and other important days observed within the Church.

The primary objective is to assist the clergy by maintaining uniformity in the worship of the church and serving systematically. The organisation lays a foundation to train and provide instructions to the acolytes so that they can preserve the meaning and value of orthodox worship in their sacramental service to the holy church

AMOSS has provided selfless service to the worship and spiritual activities of our parish throughout the years. This has been made possible under the able guidance of the Vicars from time to time. We now have 15 to 20 members serving as altar assistants at our parish. The group is coordinated under the leadership of the chief alter assistant Mr George Mathews with the assistance of Mr Shibu Thomas. Currently a new group of spiritually motivated children are being trained to become altar boys under the supervision of our vicar Rev Fr Josen John.


Activities For/By AMOSS

Training for new acolytes

 Our parish conducts training for new members who are interested in being part of AMOSS . Annual conferences at diocese level are also conducted aiming at the upliftment and encouragement of youngsters as the altar boys.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

Altar assistance during Holy Eucharist

 Altar assistance is one of the central pillars for Holy Eucharist and other ceremonies in our Church.  They help in conducting the worship and assisting the clergy to maintain the ways of worship as it has been done for centuries.


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